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Latest News

for measuring temperatures in a rear axle drive

J4T - telemetry carrier

The J4T telemetry system allows simultane-ous transmission of four thermocouple sig-nals from rotating shafts. This installation provides four thermocouple female connect-ors for easy connection of the transducers. Sensor wiring comes through a hollow shaft from the differential gearbox....

For strain gauge- & temperature measurements

Sensor Solutions

The measurement of physical quantities on rotating vehicles and machine components is an important component in the development of modern drives. AXON telemetry systems were specially developed for these rotating applications.

New J1DB Control Unit with CAN Bus

The CAN Bus communication interface is not the only new feature of our new J1DB Control Unit. The enhanced power transmission and active power saving technology even reduces the power consumption by up to 60%.

New Flex-Rotors

for Axon J2D- und J4T-Telemetriesystems

We use our Flex Rotors since years successfully for the Telemetry Systems J1 and J1DB. More and more compact mechanics reduce the free space to apply sensors and telemetry components for measuring critical parameters. Thus, we offer our successful Flex Rotors also for the 2-channel telemetry system J2D for strain gauge and the 4-channel system J4T for temperature measurements.

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